Adult Nursing Fantasy by Jamey



This is my ultimate romantic/sexual/emotional fantasy...

...and with her sitting on the bed next to me, and past the awkward small talk, with my intentions understood, she says to me "I know where you need to be. Don't be shy" She pulls off her shirt, places it beside her, revealing her beautiful breasts under her nursing bra. She has the perfect maternal upper body, because she is currently breastfeeding. I begin to rub her shoulders, fondle and smell her hair, her neck and hair, taking in her beautiful womanly smell, caressing her. I begin to unstrap her bra, unloosen it, and begin sliding it from her, pulling it away from her. She smiles "see anything you like"? I nod, awkwardly.  "Come here, baby. I got something for you. I want you to empty me out." She says. And upon hearing that, the awareness of this wonderful situation hits me, and I think of how good it is to be alive.

I lower my head, body to lay sideways in front of her, on her lap. I get into optimal position, and her breasts rub my face, head. I take one of them into my mouth. Her breast is really hard because she is engorged. I suck her brown nipple, satisfyingly large upon my tongue, between my lips. I get a taste of her, so warm and flowing, sweet, like homemade vanilla ice cream. She lets out a moan of satisfaction. I start to drink from her, sending her into waves of ecstasy with the rhythm of my mouth, securely against her, perfectly positioned. She alternates between cradling her arms around my head, and arching backward with the pleasure I'm giving her. Her milk lets down and it overwhelms me, running down my face. I no longer need to suck, just press my face forward into her warm flesh. She begins to come, she moans. I concentrate on giving optimal stimulation, while at the same time enjoying the flowing of her sweetness. 3 minutes go by, something comes over me. I've already came on myself, no surprise there. My hips thrust, constrained by my position against her. My body is trembling. All physical sensations, my awareness of place and time begin to distort, melding into a blissful ecstasy and beautiful sensations of a level I had never previously came close to, neither in previous experiences or in my imagination. My face, my hair, eyes and inside my ears are drenched in breast milk. It fills my mouth, the most beautiful taste I've ever dreamed of, known. I came on myself several times, but I'm still hard. Every wonderful sensation I can possibly imagine is upon me, causing me to drift into an altered state of consciousness, a sensual, subdued madness, from which I never, ever wish to return.. Those points of contact, my face at her breast, her loving hands upon my head and hair, her loving gaze looking down at me, are like  the completion of an electrical circuit. I lose contact with reality with her soothing hands, eye contact and my mouth at her breast comprising the sum total of my awareness of the world. Consciousness begins to depart from me, as if intoxicated - sinking into the blissful depths of this experience. She then leans her head down and kisses my forehead and says to me "It's there for you anytime you ever want it. Anytime you need it, it's there for you. I'm here for you now.  Always."

And I don't remember anything after that.


- Jamey, September 21, 2008



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