Honey I'm Home by DrJim



Maria heard Ken pull into the driveway and hurried to open the front door. He was an hour late getting home from work and she was a little upset with him. She opened the door wide as he stepped onto the porch. Honey Iím home! He announced with a contagious grin. He sized her up in a moment. There she was, a picture of health and vitality, a pair of jeans on, an apron for working in the kitchen and a white blouse with little buttons down the front. Through it he could see a little bit of a lacy bra. She had a wonderful figure-trim but full breasts as one would expect of a nursing mother. Her long brown hair was twisted into a knot behind her head with a little stick through it holding it in place, a bunch of hair was pointing straight up. She looked him straight in the eye. Before she could say a thing he stepped forward and took her in his arms. His long coat enveloped her and she seemed to disappear within as he embraced her. You are gorgeous my beautiful dove he whispered in her ear. 

This nickname had a particular affection to her because all summer long a pair of morning doves would coo and love on their roof. They would often wake in the morning to the sound of their cooing. If they would sneak quietly outside they could watch them without frightening them. She would innocently sit there with her eyes open calmly cooing while he would nestle up to her cooing in return. Sometime she would puff her breast feathers out making them look fuller, sometimes they would be loving. Ken and Maria couldnít help but laugh a bit because these two morning doves reminded them so much of themselves. The female morning dove looked so purely feminine that Ken had to say ďYou are my morning dove, you beautiful thing you. I love you as much as he loves her.Ē Ever since it had been his most endearing term for her. 

He eased his embrace and she looked up to see what else. He kissed her with a passionate kiss as his left hand slipped around and embraced her left breast. It was quite warm and full, more than a handful, his hand cupped it lightly. He couldnít resist, he gave her a little squeeze, she inhaled and pulled away slightly, sorry, he said. They are tender, be gentle with me, she said. Gently keeping his hand on her breast he kissed her again. Thus far she had not an opportunity to scold him for being an hour late and not staying on schedule as they had agreed. His kisses, which she enjoyed, had not let her. Kissing her on the ear he whispered; I want you my ravishing beauty. She whispered back in his ear; I am full for you, I have been waiting for you. He gently explored her breast with his fingertips, the lobules were swollen and firm and full of milk. He knew her breasts must be tender being so full. The thought of the pleasure he was soon to enjoy excited him. He kissed her again on the lips and trailed kisses along her chin, below her ear, on her neck, and down between her breasts. She shuddered slightly as she felt the tingle in her breasts of a strong letdown occur. She so enjoyed these little passionate kisses, she didnít want him to stop. He looked her in her eyes, his left hand still on her breast, she gazed back with a tender smile. He felt a wet spot forming on the tip of her breast through the blouse. Removing his hand he looked down, two growing wet spots were obvious. Well, you know I canít resist it when you kiss me between my breasts she said with a gentle tug to his sleeve , I canít wait any longer, letís go in the bedroom. 

He followed her as she led the way to the bedroom her right arm pressing over her right breast and her index finger on the tip of the nipple of her left breast under her blouse. There was a king size bed with several pillows on it. With her free hand she quickly fluffed up and positioned two big pillows against the headboard then proceeded to sit comfortably into the pillows. She placed another pillow on her lap. Come here my big strong husband, she said as she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. He did not need a second invitation, he quickly got into position with his head and shoulders on the pillow facing her. Her lacy bra was beautiful, the nipples and areolas were obvious through itís translucent wetness. She put her right fingertip back on her bra over her right nipple as he continued to position himself. Ready? She said quietly, yes. The bra was a front closure and with one quick move she unhooked it dropping her breasts out of the cups. They were so full they were not sagging, they appeared to be standing at attention aching to be suckled. The nipples were erect. Three small sprays of milk were timidly coming from the left nipple directly in front of him, dribbles came from the right. He reached his right hand underneath him up to support her left breast and slipped his other hand underneath hers to stop the flow from her right breast. She reached out with her arms encircling his upper body and gently pulled him into her breast. He began suckling and felt the wonderful arousing sensations of multiple sprays of milk. The nipple, soft, warm and thick, yielded to his every effort with his lips and tongue. Swallow, swallow, swallow, the breast was becoming softer. He explored her other breast with his right hand being careful to keep his index finger on the tip of the nipple, he marveled at how full it was, how long she had waited. 

Maria had her eyes closed enjoying every minute. It was always a bit arousing to her to experience these intimate moments together breastfeeding Ken. She didnít mind one bit being a little aroused all day long. She ran her fingers through his hair. She unbuttoned the two top buttons on his shirt and felt his chest hair. He fondled her free breast gently in response. She ran her hand along his ribs, side and hip wondering if he was affected by this encounter with her, the same as almost every other time they had done this. Her hand rested on his hip as he continued to suckle. Gently she slipped her hand down to find out what might be under the fabric of his pants, sure enough, he had an erection. She was reassured because she wanted him to be aroused. She sighed, leaned forward and whispered in his ear; I love you. I never thought it possible to experience such passion and pleasure as I have with you, donít stop. Do you think it is possible to have more if you make me pregnant and we have a babyÖ





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