My Husband Wants to Taste My Breast Milk.
Is it Okay if He Does?



Understandably its a very personal choice. My husband used to suggest it to me when we were "trying" and it USED to gross me out. Now I mostly think of it as an experience that brings us together..nightly. As an additional bonus it helps relieve "backed up" Pressure when you are overflowing and the baby is already down for the night...Anonymous

We enjoy it when we are intimate. Leaking is always a problem--well not really, but it does occur every time---so it just comes naturally. It brings us much closer together and it really is very intimate what we share. I don't think we ever understood this until it started to happen. No big deal until you share it, then it seems to be great. Anonymous

I am proud of those of you who have shared your thoughts openly on this subject. I am pregnant with my first child and this exact thought has crossed my mind. I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks that this is an ok thing to do and agree it is a personal choice that should not be judged by others. Anonymous  

I think the fact that my husband enjoyed the taste of my breastmilk actually improved our sex life after our children were born. now that our last child has been born and my milk has come in, he is anxious for a taste =) Anonymous  

This is a normal activity that is shared by loving couples in the privacy of their own bedroom should they desire. I have done it and enjoyed it with my partners. We never felt we were sick or weird. Anonymous  

I didn't know others did this. I thought we were weird for doing it. But it is so nice especially when I am so full and the baby is sleeping and I don't want to wake her up. It's a big relief to let my husband help out. It started when I had mastitis and it hurt so much that I asked my husband if there was anything he could do to help. When he latched on and started sucking I was surprised, but he was so good at it and it felt so good and was such a big relief that I just let him keep going. I make so much that I really need his help. So most nights after the baby is asleep, I let him have as much as he wants. He is really very good and I get the same wonderful feeling I get from nursing our child and we feel so close together. Anonymous  

My husband used to help me out all the time--we miss it very much! Anonymous  

I think it is personal decision. First the baby must nurse first and afterwards I think it is wonderful if the dad can nurse. The breasts produce milk on demand supply system if the dad nurses after the baby it insures a sufficient milk supply for the baby. Again is a personal decision and it can be extremely pleasurable and the intimacy is wonderful especially when the mother does not feel like sex. For the man it can take all the cares away and really relieve the stress in daily life. For some woman it can also be very pleasurable as I have been told. People should not be critical of other people opinions as there are many opinions and religious beliefs on this subject. It is strictly a personal decision. There is numerous research of how important it is to nurse a baby and now there is a substantial amount of research using breast milk as a medical or nutritional help for cancer victims and chemo. There is a lot of research on the positive benefits from breast milk on prostrate cancer.  Larry





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