"The erotically excited kiss as well as the inward feeling of physical well-being, which is so difficult to describe, of a woman nursing her partner at her breast, feeds on fare that is both coarse and infinitely fine and becoming finer; but all this in the sense of the primeval evolutionary fact that in the beginning the whole skin was the seat of sensual pleasure."






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Greetings and Salutations Gentle Readers...

Land of Milk and Honey is devoted exclusively to couples and singles alike who embrace this very loving and very intimate lifestyle of Adult Nursing Relationships/Adult Breastfeeding Relationships.

I had discovered in my wanderings across the Internet that, alas, there was little to no information on ANR's/ABR's.  It was important to me to consolidate as much information as I could and place all of it on one website.  In that respect, folks would be able to visit this little corner of the world without having to spend hours upon hours searching for what seemed to be so frustratingly elusive. Thus the Land of Milk and Honey was born.  

Here on Land of Milk and Honey, you will find a wealth of information that hopefully, you will find enlightening as well as helpful.  Please keep checking back. The "What's New" page will be updated as more content is added more sooner than later. 

I do hope you enjoy your stay here. 

Warmest regards,


A Few Interesting Facts

A woman can lactate without ever having been pregnant.

Lactation can also be induced years after a woman stops breastfeeding.

Some couples enjoy the nurturing, intimate, closeness that sharing the woman’s milk brings to their relationship.

Breastfeeding can reduce cancer risks.

Breastfeeding releases the hormone prolactin into a woman's system, which is a natural relaxant.


Lactating Wives.Com


10 Ways To Deal With Societal Taboos 
By Elizabeth 

1. Resolve with conviction that ANR is right for you. 

2. Keep it discreet, quiet and personal. 

3. Be romantic in your approach. 

4. Make ANR a part of your “love language” understood only by you and your partner. 

5. Ignore personal attacks with silence, or 

6. Acknowledge personal attacks as merely the opinion of another which differs from yours. 

7. Remind yourself of another point of view you hold that is different from the person who is judging you (this can make it easier to understand them and place the conversation “outside” yourself. 

8. Commit yourself to your partner (ANR is a team event). 

9. Stick together. Be loyal and supportive of your partner (especially under opposition attack). 

10. Dedicate yourself to a mutual goal of connection. Be proud of what you have created! ANR is not an easy thing to do.

Elizabeth ©
February 2008
All Rights Reserved.



"I just stumbled over your website and wanted to tell you that it is great.  I had a very short experience with ANR, we started it by accident since I loved sucking on her nipples so much she started lactating.  Just a few months later she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I lost her.

"That's been almost ten years ago, and I have thought a lot of being in an breastfeeding relationship and have never had the opportunity.  I hope that someday I will be able to, and finding your site has brought my interest level to the top again.  I work in Afghanistan and get very little time off, so a relationship itself right now is not happening, so of course an ANR is even farther away.  I just wanted to tell you it's a great site, and I hope to find a woman someday that thinks the same way."
- Don


"Here's some food for thought: It is not acceptable for adults to drink breast milk, right? Why? Because it's for the baby humans. Now go open your fridge and look at that container of 2%. Why is that less weird?"

- Name withheld for privacy.


"I have recently read an article about this and thought it was wonderful! I have often desired a deep, tantric type connection with my partner. This seems like an amazing way to fulfill that connection; providing both people are comfortable with it.

Adult Nursing or Adult Breast Feeding is when a woman offers her lactating or milk-producing breast to her partner. It’s a natural extension of the attraction that many men have towards the female breast. As part of foreplay men will often kiss and suck a woman’s breasts and nipples, and the desire to experiencing nursing may well grow out of this attraction.

Like the bond that forms between a nursing mother and her baby, an adult nursing relationship will form a very close bond between two people. Part of this come from the desire and attraction to the nursing act itself. It is this closeness and inter-dependency that makes Adult Nursing Relationships so special. Sex is obviously an important part of an adult nursing relationship but it is not the case the people who are in adult nursing relationships are necessarily exclusively interested in having sex. The intimacy and understanding that may develop between two people is considerably stronger than that which may develop from physical attraction alone."

- Anonymous in Vancouver, BC


"I am a woman who loves to nurse men. I was in a long marriage and breastfed my child and my husband loved it so I continued after I weaned my daughter. He nursed before work and came home from lunch to suckle and then after work. If he was having a stressful day he would come home and nurse for awhile and return to his job. It was a part of my life for 10 years. I am now divorced and hate to give up this sensual and erotic part of my life. The thought of a man milking me is overwhelmingly a turn on for me and hopefully for another man one day." 

- Name withheld for privacy


"I think that contemporary society's fascination with breasts on one hand and embarrassment about their natural function on the other is neither consistent nor sensible. surely the beauty of a woman's breasts can only be enhanced when they are doing what they are supposed to do." 

- Name withheld for privacy 

Is Adult Breastfeeding Normal?

"Absolutely. It's a perfectly natural thing to do, and it can potentially increase (and induce) feelings of intimacy. Adult breastfeeding is a fantastic alternative to constantly pumping multiple times a day. The breasts and their milk get to nourish another person, as they were intended to do...and that is nature at its finest."

- Name withheld for privacy


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