Pros and Cons to Adult Breastfeeding
By Rob D.


There are a few pros and cons to adult breastfeeding
The important things which must be understood above all else are these:

  1. If there is a breastfeeding baby or   infant, it's very important that the needs and dietary requirements of the baby/infants come first.

  2. Its important that the mother of  the baby/infant or the woman that's providing milk for the baby/infant has all the standard health tests; this includes standard blood tests and milk sample testing.

  3. Its important that the breast milk be tested to make sure its ok and is fit for purpose (consumption).

  4. The baby's needs take the priority over the  partners, its important for that baby to have a stable home & family



Sexually transmitted diseases & sexual /  non-sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted  from person to person via bodily fluids, this includes  breastmilk.  

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Adult Breast Feeding and Adult Nursing Relationships

It's important that any woman who wishes to induce should have a regular health check just to make sure that she's okay.
Induction can take weeks if not months to induce, this means you will need a STRICT feeding schedule. Once the schedule has been made, it must be followed and adhered to.
A woman's nipples often become sore from feeding her partner and/or her baby/infant the time, there are creams available to help with the dry skin, cracking of the skin, etc. You can check out the section "This and That" which covers items for sore/cracking nipples for purchase or you can visit your local baby store.

Once breast milk is produced, it will still require a long feeding schedule to increase milk production, even with the help of herbal supplements and/or medicated tablets such as Domperidone.
It's possible for the mammary glands to become infected and the woman may pass on the infection in her expressed breastmilk.
Breast tissue can "sag" or lose elasticity once the milk has dried up or has stop being produced and of course, as a woman becomes older.  It can be corrected surgically or if pectoral weight training is done in a gym.
If one or more breastfeeding sessions are missed, a woman's breasts can become engorged and painful. Therefore a breast pump would be an investment, either hand or electric.
It would be best to check that an electric breast pump doesn't interfere with a pace-maker if either partner or both has one.
Breastmilk is reported to be very sweet tasting; it may not be suitable for people who don't like anything that's sweet in taste.

In regards to diabetes: This issue is difficult to answer as it will be different from person to person and depending on which type of diabetes.  It would be advisable to consult a dietician or doctor first.
Dietary changes may be required to help induce the milk process. Every woman has different dietary requirements.  Further research will be needed to find out what foods will be best for her.
It's not recommended for people who are lactose intolerant.
Alcohol, drugs, medications and other toxins can be passed from person to person via breastmilk.

Breastfeeding is a very intense form of intimacy and bonding experience between two people. Over time it will bring people closer together and strengthen a relationship between the people in question.

It has a strong, stabilizing effect on the partnership.
Breastfeeding allows two people to communicate on a non-verbal level.
It can reduce stress.
It can be relaxing.

It's a great way to cuddle up with your partner.
It can sometimes be used to help induce sleep or take a nap.
In some cases, breastmilk can sometimes have beneficial properties/effects.
It has been reported to be arousing.
It's possible to induce orgasm/climax.
It can be beneficial for people who have a calcium deficiency (It's best to consult a dietician first).
It's more nutritious then cow's milk.
It can be donated to a milk bank so that babies can receive breast milk if their mother can't breastfeed or if babies are orphaned
Wetnursing can be arranged with another family if a baby is in need of milk and the milk is okay to drink.

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